The Wentworth Cowboy Billionaire Series

cowboy billionaire boxset

The Wentworth Cowboy Billionaire Romance Boxset

5 Stand Alone Billionaire Cowboy Romances

This boxset contains five stand-alone, cowboy billionaire romances with HEA. The Wentworth Series follows the lives of the Wentworth family, each finding love against all odds. Read how these Alpha billionaires learn the true meaning of courage and love in this swoon-worthy series.

Includes these five novels:

  • The Lonely Cowboy: Nanny Cowboy Billionaire
  • The Forbidden Cowboy: Best Friend’s Brother Billionaire
  • The Cowboy’s Forever: Secret Baby Billionaire
  • The Cowboy’s Promise: Love Triangle Billionaire
  • The Cowboy’s Secret: Secret Life Billionaire
Cowboy's Sectret

The Cowboy's Secret:

Secret Life Western Billionaire Romance

Lying about my true identity was never part of the plan. But I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to keep my empire.

I am on a mission to convince the residents of Ruby’s Edge, a small town in South Dakota to sell their land to my company.

The townsfolk are anything but enthused about a major corporation showing up to buy their home. Especially Elise Drake, my stubborn childhood playmate.

Elise is vehemently opposed to the buyout and rallies the town around her to protest. To make things worse, I find out Elise’s ranch stands on one of the core plots for my project.

I need to get close to Elise to convince her to sell. Even if that means lying to her about who I really am. She may never forgive me if she finds out I am the billionaire stealing her people’s land.

Yet instead of me changing her mind, I find the small-town growing on me, and beautiful, fierce Elise worming her way into my heart.

As my feelings for Elise grow, I am trapped between my obligations to my company and the strange feeling that maybe, somehow, I was always meant to come back to Ruby’s Edge—and Elise.

the cowboys promise

The Cowboy's Promise

Love Triangle Billionaire Romance

They say blood is thicker than water. But is loyalty to your family more important than being with your one true love?

The only thing I’ve ever wanted is to fulfill the promise I made to my dying mother– run our family’s billion-dollar cattle ranch.

But when Father finally summons me home, he isn’t willing to hand over the keys to the kingdom unless I marry. Controlling as always, he invites Sam, one of my childhood friends and an approved suitor to stay at the ranch. Sam is kind, successful, and reliable. A dream catch. But I came here to prove myself, not get a husband.

As if things weren’t bad enough, Will Blythe, my first love, saunters back into my life. Ruggedly handsome with piercing eyes, a hard-muscled body, and whiskey-smooth voice, Will makes my heart buck like a bronco. Too bad he’s the son of Father’s nemesis.

A love triangle between two cowboys is the last thing I need. But, one touch from Will reignites my unresolved feelings for him and floods me with memories of our forbidden romance.

I’m torn between an old flame and a new spark.

Loyal, handsome, wealthy Sam means winning control of the ranch at long last.

But my heart wants caring, gruff, unpredictable Will.

My future and heart are hanging by a thin thread. I must make the toughest decision of my life.

The Cowboy’s Promise is a tantalizing cowboy, love triangle billionaire romance, featuring a fiercely loyal cowgirl and two irresistible cowboys.

the cowboy's forever

The Cowboy's Forever

Secret Baby Billionaire Romance

How far would you go to protect the people you love the most?

When I got hired by the Wentworths, one of the wealthiest and most generous families in the nation as their personal chef, I thought it would be my big break.

Being a single mom, I sure could use the larger paycheck

Everything was going well until I discovered that Chris, the guy I hooked up with at my last catering gig, is my new boss’s brother.

I try my best to stay away from him. The last thing I need is to fall for a billionaire playboy who might cost me my job.

But when I discover more about his struggles of being the black sheep of the family and how hard he worked for everything he has, my heart softens. My walls break down bit by bit, and I find myself unable to resist the handsome cowboy. Soon, our passion is reignited.

Little do I know that our first night together has already altered my life forever. I’m pregnant.

I want to tell Chris, but I can’t.

I’m on the run from my abusive ex-husband who’s determined to take my son. If my ex catches up to me, neither Chris, nor my son, nor my unborn baby will be safe.

I need to end things with Chris before he realizes I’m carrying his child. Yet despite what my mind says, my heart is begging me to stay.

The Cowboy’s Forever is a tantalizing cowboy billionaire romance, featuring a hard-working single mom and a cynical playboy cowboy.

forbidden cowboy book cover

The Forbidden Cowboy

Best Friend's Brother Billionaire Romance

Will you risk your relationship with your best friend for a chance to be with her hot Cowboy SEAL brother?

Since second grade, my best friend, Skyler, and I had a special ritual. When bad things happen, we retreat to our world of junk food and trashy TV in her dad’s multimillion-dollar beach house.So after I lose my scholarship and Skyler’s latest romance goes down the drain, we drive to the beach house to treat ourselves to a relaxing vacation.

Everything is going great until her hot, Navy SEAL brother Zane shows up, throwing a wrench in our plans.

I’ve had a crush on Zane forever, but he’s off-limits. Skyler would never forgive me if I hooked up with her brother.

Even though his hot abs and chiseled chin make me want to run my fingers all over his body, I know Zane isn’t worth putting my friendship on the line for.

Skyler is my family. Zane is a womanizer.

But when Skyler drags us to a bunch of underground raves, it becomes harder and harder to stay away from Zane, until I don’t, and one thing leads to another.

Is this the beginning of a love story? Or will my vacation end with me losing Skyler and my heart getting broken?

Don’t miss this forbidden best friend’s brother romance novel featuring a smart and beautiful heroine and a hot, Cowboy SEAL billionaire.

the lonely cowboy

The Lonely Cowboy

Nanny Cowboy Billionaire Romance

Working for a billionaire cattle rancher was never part of Lena’s plan. But the generous pay widower Daniel Wentworth offers her to nanny his children is simply too good to pass up.

Thanks to Danny, Lena’s dream of opening an animal rescue shelter will soon become a reality.

There’s only one problem. The more time Lena spends with his three rambunctious kids, the more she starts to care for them.

As for Danny, the tall, strong, and confident cowboy is rousing desires Lena didn’t know she possessed. He’s slowly becoming the forbidden fruit she craves.

Lena’s heart is torn two ways, forced to choose between rescuing animals and the love of a lonely rancher.

Will love be enough to overcome their clashing life-long ideals? Or will Danny and Lena end up with broken hearts?

The cowboy prince book cover without shadows

The Cowboy Prince

Fake Engagement Billionaire Romance

Darian Wentworth gave up on love a long time ago. Too bad his parents are desperate for him to get married.

Amy Browning’s acting career is on its last legs. So when Darian offers to fund her dreams in exchange for her pretending to be his girlfriend, she agrees. After all, how hard could it be to fake a relationship?

Yet as she’s thrust into the world of the cowboy elite, she finds herself falling for the charming, handsome cowboy royal. Darian is everything a woman could want— smart, reliable, and irresistible. But not everyone in Darian’s world wants to see their fake relationship succeed.

Will Amy abandon her cowboy prince or fight to become his leading lady?