Rock My Heart Billionaire Series

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My Grumpy Rock Star BFF

Bad Boy Friends To Lovers Rock Star Billionaire Romance

I have a secret. I’m in love with my best friend.

Notorious playboy and rock and roll god: Adam Rivers.

I’ve been his best friend since first grade.

He’s so off-limits that just thinking about touching him feels like a mortal sin. But from the moment our lips touched, I couldn’t help wanting more.

His chiseled jaw, green eyes, and grumpy attitude make my heart rush.

I know it’s reckless to play with fire.

But for this unspeakably delicious forbidden love, I might be willing to get burned.

My Grumpy Rock Star BFF is a standalone, HEA romance between a bubbly drug rehab counselor and her grumpy, bad boy rockstar BFF.

Knocked Up By Mr Big Shot by Elizabeth Grey - Elizabeth Grey

Knocked Up By Mr. Big Shot

Secret Baby Rock Star Billionaire Romance

My billionaire rockstar one-night stand doesn’t know that he’s the father of our secret child.

I wasn’t looking for a relationship the night I slept with Travis Storm. He was a world-famous rockstar, never staying in one place. I was an aspiring entrepreneur, too busy for love.

A month later, I was upset at myself for being so careless. My dreams of owning a bakery had been shattered into tiny pieces.

For three long, lonely years, I haven’t seen or talked to Travis—not until now. Suddenly, he has blown back into my life like a hurricane, turning everything I worked so hard for upside down.

This time, I have to be careful before I let him into my life. Not just for myself, but for our daughter.

Knocked Up By Mr. Big Shot is a stand-alone, HEA romance, featuring a hard-working single mother and her secret billionaire rockstar baby daddy!

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Fiancée For Rent

Fake Engagement Rock Star Billionaire Romance

A sham marriage to a cynical, billionaire rockstar is the last thing I need.

When rock and roll God Liam Hendrix offers to fund my lifelong dream in exchange for a short marriage and quick divorce, I decide to bite the bullet.

Faking a relationship to help Liam fix his reputation might sound like a longshot, but how hard can it be?

Yet, after spending the holidays with him at my family’s farm in Montana, I find myself slowly falling for my fake fiancé. Our contract specifically says no physical intimacy, but it wasn’t long before that went out the window.

Now, old wounds have been revealed. His ex-girlfriend has gotten vindictive, and I have to confront my past to make way for my future.

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Maybe Someday

Bad Boy Rock Star Billionaire Romance

Will you turn to the man who broke your heart to achieve your dreams?

I came to LA to break into the music scene. So far, I’ve only accomplished getting hired as an event security guard.

But everything changes when my boss asks me to work security for a concert featuring one of the biggest rock bands in the world.

The problem? Their drummer. Bad boy Wyatt Somers is not only a billionaire, rockstar, and a heartbreaker. He’s also my high-school sweetheart.

Before the night is over, I come face to face with my first love for the first time since our breakup. Wyatt offers to help kickstart my career by getting me into the lineup of an upcoming music festival.

Even though I hesitate to get involved with him again, the offer is too irresistible. Saying yes to the chance of a lifetime, Wyatt blows like a tornado back into my life, turning my world upside down.

Old feelings are reignited. One thing leads to another. His lips claim mine, and my defenses start to crumble. Will Wyatt and I be brave enough to take a second chance at love, or are the wounds from the past too painful to overcome?

Maybe Someday is a stand-alone sequel to Till There Was You featuring a bad boy rock star and a talented aspiring singer finding love against all odds.

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Till There Was You

Rock Star Enemies To Lovers Romance

**Previously published as A Second Chance By Elizabeth Grey**

How soon is too soon to love again?

Ronan Cash should be the luckiest man alive. He’s gorgeous, a billionaire, and a rock star.

Yet since the death of his wife, he couldn’t care less about life. Each long day and each lonely night are painful reminders of what he has lost.

Amy Sinclair is determined to make a name for herself. She won’t let anything get in her way, including a devastating breakup.

When she accepted the job to be Ronan Cash’s head of security, she had thought it would be her big break. If only the rockstar in question wasn’t such a pain in the ass.

Forced to spend months on the road together, Amy’s and Ronan’s friction turns into sizzling, sexual tension threatening to incinerate them both. Even scarier than their passion, are the deep feelings blazing underneath.

Is Ronan ready to give his heart away again? And will Amy be able to let him in?