The Branson Brothers Western Romance Series

the single cowboy's nanny - cover

The Single Cowboy's Nanny

Single Dad Nanny Cowboy Romance

Until recently, managing the financial assets of the super-wealthy was the only thing Jay had to think about. Now, he has three children counting on him to help them through the worst moment of their lives.

When his twin brother asked him years ago to be the legal guardian of his kids in his will, Jay said yes in a heartbeat without so much as a second thought.

But there’s no way he could’ve known a tragic accident like this would actually happen.

Jay’s brother and sister-in-law, two people who had sworn their love to each other for life, now laid together in death—leaving their three kids behind.

Desperate for help, Jay hires Sierra Wood as the kids’ nanny. He’s pleasantly surprised at how quickly the kids fell in love with her. Somehow, she’s able to make them smile despite everything.

There’s only one problem: He thinks he might be falling in love with her, too.

The Single Cowboy’s Nanny is a heartwarming HEA story featuring a successful, single, cowboy dad and his new nanny.